Wonder Core® Smart

The Ultimate Total Core Workout

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  • Wonder Core® Smart
  • Workout DVD
  • Exercise Guide

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  • Dual resistance
    Works your muscles on the way up and the way down
  • Resistance level settings
    1. Sit-ups/Crunches
    2. Push-ups
    3. Bridge
    4. Scissor Kicks
    5. Forearm/Biceps
    6. Triceps
    7. Ab Tucks
    8. Bicycling
Julie Wiesman - Core Fitness Expert & Celebrity Trainer
Get The 6 Pack Abs You've Always Wanted
Before & After Before & After Before & After Before & After

The Wonder Core® Smart has worked great for me. It helped me tone my midsection arms and legs. Not only have I gotten great results, but it's so much fun to use."

Registered Nurse

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Double The Workout In Half The Time!

The Wonder Core® Smart is the revolutionary new fitness breakthrough designed to target your entire core like a laser focusing on your upper middle and lower abs and obliques. We know that Wonder Core® Smart is so effective that you will get strong, sexy, six pack abs you've always wanted or your money back.

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60-day money back guarantee less processing and handling. Results may vary. Consult a physician before starting any exercise program.

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